Our History

Our History

Clarendon Primary School officially opened its doors on 29 January 1962. Initial pupil enrollment was 46 and the staff ratio was 2. Mrs. RM Lodge was appointed Acting Principal.

Mrs. Jean Mitchell and Mr. Viv Clementz were the founder parents of Clarendon Primary School. Due to the numerous World War II veterans that settled in the suburb of Clarendon, Mrs. Jean Mitchell, a mother of three, was inspired to approach the Municipal Body and the Department of Education requesting that a school be built on a vacant plot of ground in the suburb of Clarendon for the fast growing community. The Education Department replied, "You produce fifty pupils and we will provide the building." Little did Jean and Viv realize what they had committed themselves to.


Plans were drawn up for classrooms and ample storage space. Initially only ten rooms were to be built with the Administration section facing Roberts Road. The plans were drawn up with extension in mind to accommodate a future enrollment of six hundred and fifty pupils. Building commenced and the cost carefully recorded. The grand total was R 81 384,69.

When uniforms were discussed, the brown checked dress was considered to be smart and serviceable. With slight alterations to the sleeves and belt it is, till this day, the uniform for the girls of Clarendon. Originally the children wore blue jerseys, during the years this changed to brown jerseys. Mrs. Lodge designed the school badge, it was adapted from the family crest of the Earl of Clarendon and the motto, "Amando Servio", I serve with love, retained.


School fees were R2 per term per family and additional funds were raised by parents by way of cake and jumble sales. These funds were jointly administered by the Principal and Secretary of the newly elected Parent Teacher Committee.

At the end of 1962 Miss CB Arnold was appointed Principal.

The 1963 school year opened for Clarendon, with Miss Arnold at its helm, and a pupil roll of one hundred and nine, more than doubling the previous year enrollment.

The 8th of May marked the first Inter-house Athletic Sports Day for Clarendon Primary School. Pupils were divided into two houses, namely Duiker (green) and Kudu (red). Kudu won the first athletics meeting and were presented the Lambert Cup.

The first fete was held on 29 August, of the same year and made an astounding R696.

On 26 November 1990, 85% of the parents were in favor of Model B and on the 29 November of that year the first disadvantaged applicant was interviewed for admission to Clarendon.

1991 heralded the start of a New Era as children of all races were admitted to Clarendon with a pupil enrollment of 356 (166 girls and 190 boys). This included 2 Coloured, 3 Indian and 4 African pupils. During this year the former Maritzburg Model and Clarendon Primary schools amalgamated, thereby creating the three tier academic system

To date Clarendon remains the forerunner of education in Pietermaritzburg with a pupil roll of over 600 and a staff compliment of over 70.