Remedial Unit

Remedial Unit

At Clarendon Primary School we have the Midlands Remedial Unit which provides education for learners with special educational needs (LSEN).  Dedicated teachers specifically trained in remedial instruction or integrated education provide a nurturing & stimulating environment for these children.


On placement of the learner by the Department of Education, remedial instruction is provided for learners from grades two to five, As our unit is a SHORT TERM remedial facility, the learners are accommodated for a period of two years, there after they are integrated back into main stream teaching.  During the learner's remedial years they are also exposed to other facets that the school has to offer, taking part in sporting and cultural activities whilst receiving differentiated instruction of the CAPS. curriculum.  Speech and Occupational Therapists also provide valuable support to the unit by taking the children in small groups for therapy. Please note that Clarendon is a SHORT TERM remedial facility and as such, we are unable to cater for learners with severe learning disabilities.

Positive reinforcement is emphasized while encouraging independence and confidence.

Once again our motto is an apt reflection of our commitment to the learners "We serve with love".