School Fee’s & Applications



Our applications for Grade 1 open on the 1st February every year and close on the 28th February. Application forms need to be collected from the School office.

Applications are only processed after the closing date. You will be notified, by letter, if your application has been successful or unsuccessful. Further instructions will be included in the letter should your application be successful.

Please note: Our application form requires supporting documents. If all of these documents are not included when you return your form - your application will be unsuccessful.

For all application enquiries, please contact our admissions secretary on

School Fee's


Our school fee's for 2019 are R21 455.00 for Mainstream and are R27 605.00 for Remedial. If your child starts at Clarendon during the school year a pro rata rate will be be calculated for your school fee's. For all school fee enquiries, please contact Mrs Naicker on 033 342 1734 or email her on

Please ensure that you use your allocated account number for all school fee payments.