Senior Primary

Senior Primary

The Senior Primary department comprises of 18 enthusiastic, dedicated teachers who uphold the Clarendon motto to "serve with love". We also have 7 interns who assist the teachers in the classroom.

At Clarendon we feel that our objective as educators is to prepare the young so that they may be fully equipped to educate themselves throughout their lives. We start with little footprints that develop into larger footprints. 


It is our task to ensure that when the children leave Clarendon, these footprints we have created are firmly embedded, equipping them with the tools for success. Each pupil is encouraged to reach his / her potential through well-planned innovative lessons. Excursions, projects, assignments and experiments are included into our Curriculum to ensure that learning is fun for everyone involved. Each classroom is equipped with a Mimio Board which allows for an interactive teaching experience. Clarendon has a full time Information Technology teacher on staff and each class attends an IT lesson weekly in our Computer Lab.

We aim to develop the intellect through courage, nurturing, love, friendship, compassion & empathy.  All these attributes help contribute to success, something that we believe each and every child deserves.